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Responding to requests from the military market for a display to present Suunto's line of watches and to explain their different functions, we adapted Suunto's earlier interactive display. To save on cost and to add easy adaptability, the interactive touchscreen was replaced by a flip chart, mounted above a locking acrylic case. Within the case is a stepped tray with debossed pockets where custom designed watch stands, fitted with magnets on the bottom, are arranged. The tray can function as part of the display, or alone in a retailer's display case. A simpler Flip Chart only display was designed concurrently. It sits on a countertop above Suunto watches to help customers find the right watch for their chosen activity.

Suunto Flip Chart Display

An initial order of Military Displays was distributed to PX's and other military outlets and Flip Chart displays were produced at the same time. Sales picked up immediately, as store personnel found that the informative flip charts and easy product identification assisted buyers in making informed decisions.


Suunto's line of highly technical wrist computers presents retailers and customers with the challenge of understanding features and finding the right model to match the users' chosen activity. Suunto invested in small touchscreen displays and had an interactive multmedia catalog/selection guide created to help customers decide. Concept Designs designed an acrylic and aluminum housing that would securely hold both the touch screen and a number of Suunto watches. The display functions both on a countertop or mounts to a steel pedestal that was retrofitted to accept the displays. The backer graphic is easily interchanged depending on the product mix or season.

Suunto Interactive Display

Soon after Suunto first ordered these displays, they were deluged with requests from retailers who appreciated the security, visual appeal, and educational value it represented. Suunto soon saw a marked increase in sales.


Suunto and Microsoft were in a joint venture to produce an internet capable wristwatch. They needed a display that could communicate product and service features in an extremely limited space adhering to CompUSA display requirements. The display must adapt CompUSA's existing steel POP "sled" and to Suunto's and Microsoft's requirements for product display and graphic communication. The display had to accommodate 1-2 watches, an AC charger mechanism, and a graphic Feature Benefit backer card. The watch(es) had to be attached to the display to prevent theft. At the last minute, a challenge was issued to include a "Special Offer" graphic that had to fit within the rigidly defined space of the display.

Suunto N3 Internet Watch Display

Suunto was delighted with the display's utility and space utilization. The displays were rolled out to the entire CompUSA chain as well as Best Buy Canada. The display addressed all of Suunto's requirements, including budget, watch security, recharging clip, high-density copy, and promotional hang tags.


There is a notorious lack of organization in watch display cases. This inhibits a retailer's ability to display and provide information about their selection. Suunto responded by asking Concept Designs to conceive a new system to neatly display their watches and clearly communicate feature benefit information. Suunto's watches are highly sophisticated.

Suunto Watch Stands

We met Suunto's challenge to bring organization and information to watch display cases with a system comprised of Single Watch Stands, 3X Risers, and 6X Risers. Each piece is strongly branded with the Suunto logo. A plastic c-channel accepts interchangeable Feature Benefit graphics. Magnetic sheets adhered to the bottom of each Single Stand aid in the proper placement of the Stands and keep them aligned. An add-on display presents Suunto's Heart Rate Monitor. This piece families with the others and can sit next to the Single, 3X or 6X displays. A modified Single Watch Stand that holds GPS and Foot Pods can mount to either Base or sit on a countertop.


Design a modular watch display for Suunto's American and European markets. Display should accommodate up to 5 watches but maintain visual effectiveness if fewer models are displayed. Unit should feature interchangeable graphic support, educating the customer on product features. The display must have an optional lockable cover to address security issues when placed in countertop environments. Unit should have compact footprint and limited height to fit under glass counters, while maintaining strong brand presence in store.

Suunto Wristop Computer Display

The debut of the Suunto Wrist-top Computer display was met with great enthusiasm by Suunto and their customers. The popularity of the display resulted in the immediate reorder for additional units. The display has given Suunto an additional marketing tool to place their watches in more stores and reinforce their strong brand presence.

Suunto Countertop Display Case

Suunto watches are prized for their style and wide range of high-tech features. Their Finnish design required us to come up with a simple, elegant Countertop Case to display up to 10 of their watches. The angled case features 2 stepped shelves on which client-supplied trays and acrylic stands rest. The acrylic front cover is hinged at the bottom and locks at the top, providing easy access and security. An interchangeable graphic slides into an acrylic channel at the top. The Suunto logo is prominently screened on both sides.