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Smartwool Wardrobe

Apparel is a rapidly growing part of SmartWool's successful effort to become a lifestyle brand. This powdercoated steel and MDF wardrobe was designed as part of a test program for 5 REI stores. Each store got a Sock Wall and 2 Wardrobes – one for Men's apparel, one for Women's. Each Wardrobe was equipped with two 14" Waterfalls that attach to the cross bar. Each also included a 10" Waterfall and a 3" Faceout that can attach to the ends.

Smartwool REI Wall Display

REI provided Smartwool the opportunity to outfit several of their stores with a Sock Wall and Apparel Displays. We designed the Wall to be modular, accommodating different size stores. Each Wall included a MDF top shelf on which the SmartWool logo and footforms were placed. Motion-activated, lighted "Shadow Boxes" highlighted featured socks. Strategically placed "Wayfinders" called out different types of socks - Casual, Running, Hiking, etc. Side banners defined the borders of the Wall, and an interchangeable graphic header panel provided strong lifestyle imagery.

Smartwool Shadowbox

SmartWool socks are the best. To reinforce that story, we were asked to design a "shadow box" that could glorify a sample sock and provide information to support the quality message. We designed two heights – for ankle height and crew socks. The powdercoated steel structures can mount to slat wall or u-bar displays. Two motion-activated LED strips are hidden in the top and illuminate the foot form below. Interchangeable backer graphics make the Shadow Boxes easy to update and guarantee a long life at retail.


SmartWool has a well-rounded menu of display elements to fit nearly every retail need. They recognized that the area above shoppers' heads presented a new, untapped opportunity. We designed a pair of round hanging signs to catch a customer's eye and direct them to the SmartWool merchandise. The signs are printed on 20 pt white vinyl which wraps around 2 wire frames. The SmartWool word mark is printed on 2 sides of the larger sign. The brand's iconic "Little Guy" is printed on the smaller sign. The assembled signs suspend from the ceiling on adjustable, galvanized steel chains.

SmartWool Hanging Wayfinders

As the SmartWool brand and product line grows, retailers welcome all additions to the their menu of display offerings. These hanging signs provide enhanced visibility for this sought-after brand, without taking up valuable retail floor or wall space.


SmartWool has rapidly expanded its apparel offerings beyond their traditional sock base. They now offer a full range of activewear, cycling apparel, running apparel, and base layers. They needed a new 2Way Display that would fit in with their evolving merchandising family. The display needed to be compact, strongly branded, and flexible. This simple powdercoated steel and birch plywood 2Way fills the bill.

SmartWool 2Way Apparel Display

SmartWool's retail presence has grown dramatically, largely due to their well-developed collection of retail displays. This new 2Way fills a void and offers retailers a compact, easy-to-place option to display SmartWool's growing apparel lines.


As SmartWool has continued to grow its customer base beyond traditional outdoor specialty retailers, they have also expanded their display options. They asked Concept Designs to provide a high density, high capacity, yet compact, display to present up to 528 pairs of socks. The displays needed to provide for a variety of lengths of socks. They also had to allow for merchandising on 2 or 4 sides. Other requirements included a drawer for storage of back stock, the ability to update seasonal graphics, and casters for mobility. The display needed to be strongly branded and to family both with SmartWool's legacy displays as well as the new displays that Concept Designs has provided.

SmartWool Sock Gondola

The Sock Gondolas provide retailers with a flexible way to display a large amount of merchandise. They make a powerful brand statement that reinforces SmartWool's quality image. The solid construction and timeless design details guarantee years of service in a wide variety of retail environments.


SmartWool has rapidly expanded its apparel offerings beyond their traditional sock base. They now offer a full range of activewear, cycling apparel, running apparel, and base layers. They needed a way to complement their family of displays with a flexible 4Way that could accommodate a changing mix of hanging, folded and packaged product. Concept Designs designed a display that could function as a traditional 4Way. It also accepts add-ons, such as a "closet bar" and optional wood shelves.

SmartWool 4 Way Display

SmartWool's exemplary reputation for high quality products is enhanced by this new addition to their display collection. Retailers are increasingly offering SmartWool space for shop-in-shop installations, now possible due to their comprehensive collection of displays that can present their full range of products.


SmartWool is a leading purveyor of unique socks, base layer, and performance apparel made largely from New Zealand wool. Their newly expanded line of base layer garments demanded an eye-catching, high capacity display to provide information about the products, as well as dispense them, all within a small footprint and at an affordable price. The displays also needed to family with existing displays within SmartWool's merchandising family.

SmartWool "Next-to-Skin" Display

An initial run of Towers shipped was shared between the US, Europe and the Pacific Rim. The displays were introduced at outdoor industry trade shows in Germany and the US and received universal acceptance. They are a key component as SmartWool continues to expand its apparel offerings.


SmartWool asked us to design a lightweight, eye-catching, strongly branded Bin to hold demo socks that a customer can try on. The Bins needed to function in footwear departments of sporting goods, outdoor, and specialty retailers.

SmartWool "Tods" Bin

We conceived a simple powder coated wire frame with 4 steel "ball" feet. A canvas "skin" folds up over the frame and is attached on the inside with Velcro closures. This ensures that the fabric is held tight around the frame. It also allows for the fabric to be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. The SmartWool logo and tag line, "feels good." is silkscreened on all 4 sides. As changing seasons or product mix demand, the Bins can easily be updated with new printed canvas "skins". SmartWool responded enthusiastically to both the functionality and the branding that the "TODS" ("Try on Demo Socks") Bins provide. Retailers appreciate this space-saving way to keep demo socks neat and organized.