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Ariat's product line has grown from equestrian boots to western and casual footwear to a full line of apparel and accessories. They needed a flexible tower display that could accommodate multiple combinations of product within a small space. The initial project brief called for a compact tower to display Ariat's new line of belts. But it quickly became apparent that a display which could be easily reconfigured for different levels of belt inventory as well as apparel, shoes, boots, belts, or combinations of all those would provide an ideal solution. Additionally, the displays needed to take advantage of Ariat's growing inventory of display elements, including shoe shelves, waterfalls, branded hooks, etc.

Ariat Combo Tower

Ariat's initial order included base units along with accessory pieces to allow for them to be expanded with Belt kits and Apparel kits. The display provides almost limitless flexibility and gives Ariat, their sales force, and their merchandisers the ability to tailor the display in specific configurations that match a retailer's needs. And in every configuration, the display's overall look and branding power remain consistent.


Ariat needed a new fitting bench to add to its point of purchase offerings. The new bench needed to family with Ariat's other display elements in the western and farm supply line. It also needed to be durable, strongly branded, and functional. A mirrored side was required to ensure that the bench would be used - and the Ariat brand noticed - even by non-Ariat customers.

Ariat Fitting Bench

The initial order of benches was well received and quickly depleted, leading to a second order shortly thereafter. Retailers have reacted positively to this new addition to the Ariat point of purchase line. The bench's strong branding and durable construction guarantee a long, successful presence on the retail floor.


Ariat, seeking to build on its reputation as the leading purveyor of Western and equestrian footwear and apparel, recently introduced a new line of men's and women's western-inspired belts. They needed a dramatic, eye-catching point of purchase display to establish their presence, differentiate their product from the competition, and dispense the myriad sizes and styles being offered. Ariat had numerous requirements for this new display system. It needed to family with other displays in the Ariat point of purchase catalog. It had to be flexible, allowing for the display of between 12 dozen and 30 dozen belts, with 10 sizes in each SKU. It had to include strong Ariat branding, visible from multiple angles. And it needed to provide the opportunity to display product information that could be easily updated and interchanged, depending on the retail environment.

Ariat Belt Display

Ariat rolled out the new display system to western and equestrian stores across the US and Australia. The belts have seen strong on-going interest. Variations of the central belt display now include a 5-hook version that can mount to the side of a lozier shelf system, as well as a 5-hook slat wall version.


Create a display system for Ariat's growing presence in the casual shoe market. The system had to be different from their equestrian and work lines, with a more refined approach for department stores and specialty shoe retailers.

Ariat Casual System

The displays have been met with great success and enthusiasm at retail. The complete system allows retailers the creativity and flexibility to customize their personal display needs for the number of Ariat Casual SKUs they stock. For Ariat, it's a great offering to their retailers as they expand their presence in the casual shoe market to quality chains such as Nordstrom and Dillard's.


Ariat recently added a new "post" display to their family of point of purchase display offerings. The new display complements other displays for apparel, accessories, and belts that Ariat has introduced in recent months.

Ariat Post Display

The new Post Display needed to share a similar look and feel as the other displays in the family. This display required a small footprint and the flexibility to accommodate up to 36 pairs of shoes or 18 pairs of boots. The display also needed to make use of branded slat wall shelves that Ariat was using in other displays and in wall systems. Ariat asked that the shelves be adjustable to allow for easy reconfiguration, based on the product mix being displayed. Ariat also requested that the display accommodate interchangeable product graphics and side banner(s). As with all the displays in the family, Ariat branding was of paramount importance.


Ariat's line of apparel and accessories was growing rapidly. They needed a flexible, expandable and adaptable display system to accommodate a variety of product and different product mixes. Ariat's requirements for the system were as varied as the products offered. While the initial idea was to provide a 4 way display for apparel, the ultimate goal for the display was to be easily reconfigurable and adaptable, allowing for the effective cross merchandising of Ariat's boots, shoes, and accessories as well. Ariat already had a variety of point of purchase display elements – apparel bars, waterfalls, wire hooks, and shoe shelves. The new display had to accommodate all of those pieces. The display also needed to include new elements such as shelves, baskets, and "closet racks". In addition to its challenging list of functional aspects, the display also needed to present strong Ariat branding from all sides.

Ariat Universal Display

Ariat distributed the new display system to western and farm stores across the US. The displays give Ariat an in-store presence that they had not had previously and reaffirm their leadership in those markets. As Ariat's line of apparel and accessories continues to expand, these displays and all of their possible permutations will provide a platform that can evolve and adapt with their growing business.


Create a tower for Ariat's line of Equestrian Tall Boots. The tower had to create a powerful brand presence and tie-in to Ariat's existing line of riding boots and new marketing campaign materials.

Ariat Tall Boot Tower

The tower has proven to be a huge success for Ariat. They rolled out towers and wall systems to high-end Equestrian retailers worldwide. The design was also recognized with an award at the San Francisco POP Show.


Ariat wanted to produce a shoe display that would be consistent with their rugged & durable, yet technical & stylish line of equestrian shoes. The display should accommodate an interchangeable header graphic as well as a replaceable canvas banner. This allows the display to be used in a variety of store environments - from western wear to high-end English equestrian. The shoe shelves need to be adjustable to accommodate shoes ranging from slip-on Mules to full-cuff Cowboy Boots. Ariat branding should be prominently featured. The unit must be UPS shippable and easy to assemble in the field.

Ariat Western Tower

After several POP campaigns that had met with limited success, Ariat enjoyed great success with this new design. Their retailers appreciated the versatility, quality, flexibility, and ease of setup. Emphasizing simplicity and flexibility, we delivered a design that met a tight budget, high demands, and limited lead time. The unit shipped in 2 UPS boxes which saved a substantial amount on shipping costs. By designing for replaceable graphic elements, this display could be used for several years/seasons and continue to look fresh by simply replacing the graphics. The quality materials were carefully chosen to last several years and withstand rugged retail environments.


Ariat required a tower for their line of "Work" boots, that would establish their presence and differentiate their line from the competition. This tower specifically had to highlight their "forked shank" technology, and contain components that could work on slatwall as well as in the tower configuration.

Ariat Work Tower

All of the elements of the Ariat Work Boot Tower system are available in Wall system format as well, giving more options to their retailers, depending on the amount of real estate available. Ariat rolled out the display system to farming, hardware and western supply stores across the United States and Australia. They have seen a marked increase in sales, as well as an increase in interest from retailers wanting to carry the line of products.